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Keynote Speaking

Every person who has ever heard Matt Cubbler speak at an event or online walked away inspired and uplifted as a result of Cubbler's message. Whether his talks are centered around leadership, his military or law enforcement careers, business development and his entrepreneurial journey or simply his life story of love, loss and overcoming many difficult obstacles – Matt will always give his very best when he speaks.

Inspirational Speaker


plus travel expenses

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Mentorship Programs

Over the past 25 years – both as a police officer and through his entrepreneurial enterprises – Matt Cubbler has made a conscious effort to mentor teens and young adults. Cubbler strongly believes that every person should have at least one mentor who is an active and positive influence in their life. Accountability to someone you admire and aspire to become will ultimately lead towards success in your life and, in time, the lives of those you positively influence.

Youth Mentoring


includes four 45 min sessions per month

I have been blessed to have lived a unique and eventful life. My life experiences have allowed me to be an effective leader and mentor who helps teens and young adults identify their gifts and how to use them best.

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Motivational/Inspirational Videos

Matt Cubbler has been asked on numerous occasions to provide a 3-5 minute video that is created specifically for an individual/group/team designed to uplift, inspire and motivate the viewer. Cubbler has created videos for high school sports teams, Division 1 sports teams and for individual athletes who may need a "little extra" to achieve the desired outcome.

Leadership Development Seminars

Matt Cubbler is a natural leader who believes that every person has the ability to lead at least one time in their life. Cubbler has developed a simple and easily applied leadership program that will allow every person who attends to find pathways towards success for themselves and those they wish to lead. Cubbler has successfully delivered programs for middle/high schools, athletes/teams, business professionals and C-Level executives – from individual sessions to large classroom sized settings.

Adult Coaching/
Leadership Development


includes four 45 min sessions per month.

My unique approach to leadership is easily adapted to almost any environment or situation. My 4 years of military intelligence experience, 25 years in law enforcement, 10 years as an entrepreneur and inventor as well as my life experiences makes me uniquely qualified to help you become your very best version of you that you can be!

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Leadership Consulting Services

If you are a business or school that is looking to implement your own leadership development program and are looking for an outside leadership expert to consult on your project or if you are simply looking to change the overall culture within your school or business – Matt Cubbler has the ability to help you navigate that process.

Strategic Critical
Problem Solving


minimum of 8 hours

With nearly 30 years of combined critical thinking experience in the military, law enforcement and as an entreprenuer, I have solved more problems than I can count. I can help you solve yours too.

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Public Speaking

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can tell their story. Matt Cubbler has always had a passion for leading and inspiring others. Cubbler has shared his message of love, loss, passion and perseverance with groups large and small – from middle school age kids to corporate executives and inspired each of them to appreciate each moment and to always find ways to succeed and to be their very best. Cubbler's innate ability to "reach" each person individually – regardless of the size of the crowd – has made him one of the most sought after public speaker's in the area.


Matt Cubbler believes that every person needs a mentor – someone who they can count on for advice, to be honest with them at all times, and someone who has traveled the road they are currently on or wish to head towards. Cubbler has had many mentors in his life and he attributes most of his life's accomplishments to them and the role each played in his life. Cubbler believes that being a mentor to others is his way of helping to ensure the cycle of selflessness and caring for others doesn't end with him. Over the past 25 years, Cubbler has mentored hundreds of teens and young adults – as both a police officer and through his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Leadership Development

Matt Cubbler has always been a leader. Ever since he was a young boy, he has shown the propensity to selflessly lead and help others. Over the past 30 years, Cubbler has lived a life of service as a former U.S. Army Intelligence soldier, a current 25 year veteran in law enforcement and as a tireless entrepreneur. Cubbler has worked and trained with some of the most dynamic leaders the world has ever known. Through those experiences and his unique approach to leadership, Cubbler has created a program that helps others cultivate and sharpen the tools that they already possess in order to maximize their opportunities to be a successful leader.


St. Eleanor's Roman Catholic Church (Collegeville, PA)

2006-Present: Delivered annual talk to the high school youth group about his life and his book, A Brother's Love: A Memoir

Spring-Ford School District (Royersford, PA)

2015-Present: Delivered multiple Leadership Development Seminars for the entire 7th and 8th grade classes (1,500 students each school year.)

Pennsauken High School (Pennsauken, NJ)

2015-Present: Delivered multiple Leadership through Entrepreneurship Seminars for the Business Entrepreneur Class.

Cherry Hill East High School (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Fall 2016: Delivered an inspirational speech on leadership and accountability and how having those qualities helped me to successfully start my own business.

Phoenixville High School (Phoenixville, PA)

2016: Delivered pre-game motivational speech to the boys basketball team during their playoff run.

Healthy Body, Healthy Minds Institute (Pottstown, PA)

2016 and 2017: Delivered an inspirational speech to educators from around the Pottstown region as part of a large health and wellness initiative sponsored by the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation.

Get Recruited Consulting (Horsham, PA)

Summer 2016: Delivered a motivational speech on teamwork and leadership to high school football players, coaches and family members in attendance for a college recruiting showcase camp (over 200 attendees).

TriCounty Community Network (Pottstown, PA)

March 2016: Delivered an inspirational and motivational speech on entrepreneurship and overcoming obstacles through passion and leadership to local business leaders.

Reading High School (Reading, PA)

Spring 2017: Delivered an inspirational/motivational speech about leadership, teamwork and accountability to the eventual PIAA 6A State Boys Basketball Team and staff. Cubbler's speech was so impactful that the team requested that he create five, 3-5 minute, motivational videos for the team to watch before each playoff game. After winning the state title, Cubbler was also asked to address the team and staff prior to their city-wide victory parade.

Notre Dame High School (Lambertville, NJ)

May 2017: Delivered an inspirational speech on leadership and accountability to the entire freshman class (250 students.)

June 2017: Delivered an inspirational speech on leadership and accountability to the entire football program during a leadership development camp in Sea Girt, NJ.

Spring-Ford Rotary Club (Limerick, PA)

April 2017: Delivered a speech on the effects of bullying in school and how leadership development can be used as a tool to combat the bullying epidemic.

Collegeville Rotary Club (Collegeville, PA)

June 2017: Delivered an inspirational speech on how living a selfless life of service has positively impacted Cubbler's life.

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