Two Dates and a Dash

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  • Apr 13th 2020

Two Dates and a Dash Episode 79: Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker, Carla Romo

Author Carla Romo is a speaker and a certified dating and relationship coach. At age 24, she hit her rock bottom with yet another toxic codependent relationship. But, this time, she got up and learned how to break free from codependency for damn good. Inspired by her own self-growth journey, she took lemons and made lemonade. Today she is helping other women who feel stuck and stagnant build purpose in their dating life, break-ups, and relationships. Aside from her coaching business, her passion lies in being an activist for women’s rights. Carla served as a public official on the West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board working on California statewide and nationwide legislation. Before pivoting careers into the self-help coaching world, she cast and produced major TV network shows and produced a documentary called, “Luke & Jedi.” Today, Carla leads nationwide workshops and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker on self-love and relationships. She has been featured on or collaborated with BRAVO, Cosmopolitan, Bumble, Lifetime, Bustle, The Knot, as well as high rated iTunes Podcasts. Carla Romo is here to spread the message—the most important relationship you will ever have is with your damn self. For more information, please visit