Two Dates and a Dash

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  • Jun 15th 2021

Two Dates and a Dash Podcast Episode 117: James Jones, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

With his nearly 2 decades of military upbringing and 3 decades in business, James is exceptionally qualified to lead the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the next Lieutenant Governor. The position's official duties are to serve as President of the State Senate, and Chairing the Board of Pardons and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council. Often, the position works on additional projects and have a full schedule of community and speaking events. The statutory duties of Lieutenant Governor as prescribed by Pennsylvania Statues (Pa. C.S.): 1. Serve as a member of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council 2. Serve as a member of the Military Base Community Enhancement Commission 3. Serve as Chairman of The Local Government Advisory Committee 4. Oversee the State Fire Commissioner on all matters concerning fire safety in this Commonwealth James is an American businessman born and raised in rural Luxora, Arkansas, as a sharecropper, who joined the US Navy very young and moved to Pennsylvania in 2000. He is the founder and principal at Silverback Commodities and Traders LLC with over twenty-five years’ experience with global governments, energy, military, finance, project development, and engineering. Being committed to public service, James ran for US Congress 8th Congressional District (currently 1st Congressional) in 2008, and for US Congress 2nd Congressional District (currently 3rd Congressional) in 2016 on a platform of economic and job growth, restoring fiscal responsibility, and creating stronger yet safer communities. After he retired from the US Navy, he sought strategies to unite citizens in common causes to improve our lives and fashion a brighter for our children and our grandchildren. James adapted his expertise to help deliver national security solutions for this 21st century. His naval service includes patrol duties in Vietnam, various Western Pacific Cruises, the Gulf of Hormuz, and the First Gulf War. As a devout Christian, James attend Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia in northeast Philadelphia with over 13,000 churchgoers. He was appointed to manage the Faith Based Initiatives in Bucks County under former President George W. Bush and the late Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick. He also served on the Bristol Township Weed and Seed Council, the Berean Institute Board of Directors, and the Philadelphia Prostate Council under Mr. Michael Milliken. James has 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. His deceased wife would be very pleased with his efforts and accomplishments and in running for LT Governor. James completed various Naval Engineering Studies, Nuclear Biological Chemical Training, and trained US Navy Seals in Unarmed Self-defense, US Navy, San Diego, CA as a Second-Degree Black Belt. Also, James has a BS in Education, Training and Development, SIU-C, Carbondale, IL a MBA Business Administration, A.U., Boise, ID and attended Law School, John Marshall Law School, Atlanta, GA. His diverse background and experience make him a well-qualified candidate to lead the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the next Lieutenant Governor. For more information please visit