Two Dates and a Dash

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  • Aug 3rd 2021

Two Dates and a Dash Podcast Episode 119: Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Author, Geralyn Gendreau

A licensed psychotherapist since 1995, Geralyn is a playful, soul-provoking life coach who believes one of the keys to happiness is being able to laugh at yourself. She is the author of JUNGLE JEAN, the biography of her mentor, Jean Liedloff, who traveled into the pristine regions of the Venezuelan rainforest back in the 1950s and subsequently wrote a seminal book, THE CONTINUUM CONCEPT, which became a childrearing classic. In her work with clients, Geralyn assists adults who did not have a fully enriched infancy and childhood (i.e.: most of us), to see and feel the very real impact of “missing experiences.” The insight, understanding, and self-knowledge gained gives them new freedom and the courage to live a fully actualized life. She shows people how to "transmogrify" their everyday experience by leaning into the joy that is our natural state. Geralyn loves to share the story of how she learned to turn life’s many challenges into sources of energy rather than energy-sucking problems that put the kibosh on her life force. Geralyn has been deeply influenced by a decades-long fascination with Littlewood's Law of Miracles, which states that any individual can expect to experience an outrageous event every thirty days. She is a blackbelt martial artist, salad aficionado, and renowned hair chameleon. Her favorite brain hack is jumping out of an airplane. For information on Geralyn, please visit