Two Dates and a Dash

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  • Jan 25th 2022

Two Dates and a Dash Podcast Episode 125: Host of The Essential 11 Podcast and Founder of the Acton Academy and Apogee Program, Matt Beaudreau

Matt Beaudreau is the founder of Acton Academy Placer and Acton Academy Sacramento. As a career educator, Matt has delivered TEDx talks, consulted with Universities, written books, and created programs that have helped to push education into the 21st century for teens across America. He currently hosts The Essential 11 podcast, which focuses on gaining world-class advice from prominent guests in business, media, sports, education, and entertainment.  

 Beaudreau is also a world-renowned keynote speaker, speaking to over 250,000 people across the globe with clients ranging from Lockheed Martin and the United States Air Force to Caterpillar and Honeywell.  

 In his younger years, Matt was a competitive kickboxer underneath Dennis Alexio and competed in multiple amateur mixed martial arts fights under the coaching of Frank Shamrock, Ken Shamrock, and Jason Pietz.   For more information, please visit or or you can find him on Instagram and Facebook @mattbeaudreau.