Two Dates and a Dash

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  • Nov 11th 2019

Two Dates and a Dash Podcast Episode 60: Speaker, Philanthropist and Education Activist, Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt.

Nyeisha Dewitt is the Founder and CEO of Oakland Natives Give Back Fund, Inc. Her passion for #education and better choices in communities stems from her own background. Nyeisha struggled in #school, dropping out before graduation.
The birth of her children propelled her to make a new choice about her own education. She went on the achieve her doctorate degree in Organization and Leadership. When her mother passed away, Nyeisha was compelled to return to the very #community she had grown up in to give back to the place her mother loved. ?????
She founded Oakland Natives Give Back, a non-profit working to improve the lives of #Oakland children. She began the mission by working with the city to provide 900 backpacks and school supplies to local children. She self-funded her company’s flagship event for many years because it did not receive support. That event has been delivering supplies to #children in need for over 12 years and has now given children over 19,000 backpacks and school supply kits. Through her volunteer work, she began to uncover the greatest crack in the foundation of a child’s success, #ChronicAbsenteeism. ????
As a dropout and an #educator, Nyeisha tackles the challenges of chronic absenteeism in a way very few people have the experience to understand. She persevered in her efforts to be a reliable and consistent resource that the community has grown to count on. Nyeisha is a cornerstone of Oakland’s culture and a national expert on how communities overcome chronic absenteeism. ????
Nyeisha speaks at live events, has appeared on television and radio channels, and loves spreading her message via #podcasts and online channels.
Please connect if you’d like to discuss a speaking opportunity!