"I spoke with Mr. Cubbler after his presentation, and I simply wanted to tell him that his story was inspiring and beautiful. Instead, I ended up crying, and he immediately came in to give me a hug. Outstanding speaker and man."

"Mr. Cubbler's speech was the first one to make me cry. His story was interesting and I paid full attention, and I can easily say that the life lessons I learned from him were some of the best ones I've ever learned. He also had a sense of humor!"

"He had a very powerful presentation that made me cry."

"His speech and story were amazing and inspiring!"

"This was my was my absolute favorite speaker!"


Student Attendee Feedback/Comments Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, Lycoming College/Williamsport, PA on 8/6/19

Dear Matt,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email, first to thank you, but secondly, to tell you what an AWESOME job you did at the program this week. You really reached these young people with your message, and you received huge applause at the banquet last night. We show a video at the close of each banquet taking them on a trip down memory lane for the week, and part of the video shows all our speakers, and the students go nuts when they see pictures of our speakers, and when your photo came up, it truly was thunderous. It was great to see and hear.

On behalf our President and CEO, Karen Musante, I just want to thank you again for an incredible message for our kids. They needed to hear it, and you were awesome in delivering it.

All the best,

Scott T. Lee/VP of Marketing and Development

Foundation for Free Enterprise Education

Scott Lee Vice President of Marketing and Development - Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Education, Proud Presenter of Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

Dear Matt,


Once again I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for speaking at our annual banquet on March 25th. Your talk had such an inspirational and inspiring message. You could have heard a pin drop in the banquet hall while you were speaking. The audience was hanging on every word. I’ve talked to many of the attendees and they all had nothing but praise for you and your story.

I have passed the word to other groups that I have business with and that may be in need of a speaker and highly recommended that they contact you and have you talk to their group and I will continue to do so.

Once again, Thank You and good luck to you!





Robin Moyer-Past Exalted Ruler Pottstown, PA Elks Lodge #814

I highly recommend Matt Cubbler's "I Got You" mentoring program! Matt has been working with my boys (age 14 and 16) for 4 months. I am thrilled to notice things that I've been trying to instill in them for years, to actually be "heard" during these mentoring sessions. I have seen them both take ownership of their own choices regarding free time and pursuing interests and goals. Within 2 sessions, I noticed both of them rushing home from sports and activities on Friday nights to complete all their homework so they had a real weekend to pursue other interests/goals and be ahead and not procrastinate. I have watched them shake hands confidently with adults when they walk in the room and also pay attention to areas where they can help others as leaders. My 16 year old reports that he is feeling less stressed and feels more in control (able to balance of work and fun without my influence), and the 14 year old feels more confident. Matt helped both of them identify goals to work toward that they are excited about- something I had tried to do many times. Matt found a perfect place for them to volunteer while learning skills that will help pursue those goals. In a world where kids are heavily influenced by social media, peer pressure, and intense competition to achieve at a high level in school, having a mentor (other than a parent) to help sort out the noise and target greatness has been an incredible asset. Thank you Matt for showing up in our lives and helping us navigate the questions, as well as help to find the answers to be strategic about raising respectful, authentic, driven and compassionate young men.




Amy Gleason-Goodrich

We asked Matt to speak at our annual company meeting. Not sure what to expect, and interested to see how a room full of sales people who love to talk, would spend the next hour listening. I could not have been more pleased with the final outcome. Matt's willingness to share his personal stories allowed us to connect with him and thus make the conversation a genuine one. What I loved most about Matt was that he is someone we can all relate to; he is not some business mogul telling you how make millions, his message is much deeper. Matt made me think of what I can do to simply be a better person, co-worker, leader, friend, husband, and future father.

Matt Sklar - Executive Vice-President, Dynamic Advertising Solutions

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Matt Cubbler as a motivational and inspirational school speaker.  Mr. Cubbler was very open and receptive to meeting the specific needs of our students, and was flexible in his availability and times for his presentation.  Our students found Matt to be very personable and real in his message and life stories shared with them.  The message he presented was not in the manner of more traditional "patented" anti-bullying speeches often presented in schools.  Rather, it was a personal one, aimed at personal accountability and the difference that can be made by one person standing up for another.  Matt's accounts of his childhood and his relationship with his brother, provided an experience most students could relate to and therefore made a strong connection to them. Our assembly experience was a positive impactful one and I would recommend Matt Cubbler for other school assemblies as well.  

Dr. Gerald Catagnus, Principal Twin Valley Middle School (PA)

Met Mr. Cubbler and instantly made a connection, I guess cops and convicts most often do!  Matt shared his story of hope and inspiration with me. This man exemplifies leadership in its truest form and is regarded with much respect and admiration. Thank you Mr. Cubbler for all you do for the many you do it for - #IGotYou.

Ryan Turzio - Ex-Con, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Founder of The Protégé Project

Matt was a great mentor for both myself and my teammates in high school. He pushed us to become better leaders both on and off the court which is something that I will carry will me in all my future endeavors. I still look to Matt for mentorship today, and I think that his wisdom can be a great resource to many others!

Sarah Payonk Mentored by Matt Cubbler

Matt Cubbler walked into a room of musicians and bikers. Some who I didn't expect would listen to a word. He captured every single person in the room. We all left with a message of Hope. I cannot say enough good things about him!!!

Tara Weilacher

I had the privilege of meeting Matt over 8 years ago when I was a lanky, tall sophomore in high school. I didn't know what to expect when walking into Maxout at 15, with so many big weights and this crazy bald guy (Matt) yelling at me to lift them. Weeks, months, then years went by and I felt stronger not only physically, but mentally also. Matt is the kind of person that will do that to you. He pushes you past limits, questions and makes you fight for what you want. I couldn't be more thankful for all that he has done for me. He went from that "crazy bald guy" - to my second dad!

Mariah Traywick Mentored by Matt Cubbler

If you are a school, youth league or sports team looking for a speaker who makes a difference in the lives of those who hear him, check out Matt Cubbler.  I have used Matt three times, once for our entire freshman class at Nortre Dame HS (Lawrence, NJ) and twice for leadership development for our football team and he was terrific every time!


John McKenna - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Notre Dame High School, (Lawrence, NJ)

Matt has been a mentor of mine since high school, some of the most instrumental years of an individual’s life. Through support, guidance, and continuous mental and physical challenges, Matt has helped me become who I am today. He is an individual who truly aspires to watch others grow and achieve which is a characteristic many long for but rarely accomplish. I feel fortunate to know that I have someone like Matt Cubbler in my corner when facing one of life’s challenges or to celebrate its achievements. His support and dedication to impact those around him will always be remembered.

Meag Yates Mentored by Matt Cubbler

There are those who say, and then there are those who DO! Matt Cubbler leaves the "talk" for his motivational speaking, but shines in his community by what he does! I was so pleased to have Matt come speak at our local Rotary club after a tragedy in our community that took a life far too young. I immediately reached out and asked Matt to come speak about how he engages so many young people about being better leaders as well as the importance of being better human beings!

Chris Benedict Spring-Ford Rotary Club

I met Matt Cubbler in 2008 and he changed my mindset on work ethic. Playing football in high school, I had be the strongest I could be and that takes more than physical strength. The programs he put me through were a test of mental fortitude and through perseverance; I achieved levels I never thought I would. Great feats of physical strength were obtained, however the greatest attribute I acquired was the mental strength to push past the obstacles in my way. I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without meeting Matt Cubbler.

Mike Nowak Mentored by Matt Cubbler

Matt Cubbler's inspiring story of leadership and purpose has generated a buzz within our membership.  Matt's presentation to our organization was energetic and impactful.  I would highly recommend that you hear Matt's message of hope, courage and leadership.

Holly Parker - Executive Director TriCounty Community Network

I am the sports psychology consultant and mental strength and development coach for the Reading High School Boys Basketball Team. Prior to the state playoffs I called my good friend Matt to speak with the team. Matt graciously changed his personal schedule to speak with the team about leadership. The team was extremely receptive to Matt's message. He left a lasting impression with the team which I believe contributed to their state title run. Matt also provided personalized videos for the team to have and replay during their run to the state title. Matt definitely provided a unique and impactful message that myself, the coaches, and the team appreciated.

Dr. Rick Neff Inner Edge Clinical Sports Psychology

Compelling, authentic, dedicated, straight-shooting speaker who is dedicated to helping others improve not only their own lives but enlisting them to do the same for those around them!

Jay Niblick - Founder and CEO of InnerMetrix and WizeHire Best Selling Author of What's Your Genius.

I'm lucky enough to have met Matt, and to have worked alongside of him through a mutual career in law enforcement. I can say, without any hesitation, that Matt is one of the finest individuals I've ever met. Not only as a law enforcement professional, but as a human being, Matt exudes honor, courage and integrity. These characteristics, while often mentioned, are rarely found in today's world. Matt doesn't just speak about these; Matt lives them - Day and night.

Trooper Mike Brubaker Pennsylvania State Police

Matt Cubbler's motivational speaking engagement to my Entrepreneur students was a huge success.  He grabbed their attention and kept it for the full class period.  He adapted his talk to my students who are learning about how to start their own business, but his timeless truths can apply to any group of any size.  His dynamic life story struck a cord with the students and they thanked him for taking his time to meet with them.  They were still talking about his presentation months later when they told my new group of students that Matt's visit would be a highlight of their semester class.  The students' own description of Matt's presentation was "inspirational, motivational, strength of character, challenging, passionate, admirable, honest, enlightened, impacting and compassionate".  Matt's impact will long be remembered.

Nancy F. Notaro, Business Education Teacher Pennsauken High School, Pennsauken, NJ

Matt Cubbler visited the Phoenixville Varsity boys basketball team in February 2016 before the Phantoms District playoff game against Boyertown. After an incredible regular season (19-3 and 13-0 in the league) the Phantoms suffered a tough loss in the league semi-finals and were struggling with confidence and moving on to the next game (vs Boyertown). Before the Boyertown game, Matt provided some powerful messages regarding his experience in law enforcement as well as the need to stick together during tough times.  Matt also touched on controlling the controllable and doing all the tough, little things that lead to wins, which was exactly the point we have preached all season. 

The boys left the locker room for pre-game warm-ups extremely focused during a must-win game and succeeded with a win on their home court.  We are thankful for Matt and his willingness to speak to the boys of the team before their most important must win game of the season! 

Eric Burnett Health/Physical Education, Schuylkill Elementary

The Spring-Ford Middle School students were blessed to have Author, co- owner of MaxOut and Collegeville Police Officer Matt Cubbler speak to them about the psychology of a Bully vs. the psychology of a Leader. All too often we address Bullying without providing the children a FIX to the problem, but Officer Cubbler did an outstanding job giving our students a variety of solutions if bullied. His talk revolved around Leadership and ways to take a stand against the Bully. He explained the differences between a Quiet , Bold and Supportive Leader and the students were incredibly receptive. For most middle school children, he gave them hope and a real solution if faced with bullying, either in person or on-line. It was refreshing to see so many students stay after class and thank him for his time, passion and commitment to them and their community. Students now have a greater understanding that their own self-awareness is the key to success. His message is one that every teenager and parent should hear!

Bill Racich District Chair / Health & Physical Education (K-12), Spring-Ford Area School District

Matt Cubbler's presentation was highly motivational and the students were engaged in what he had to offer.  Matt did an excellent job bringing to life how the lessons he learned through his experience of personal loss, service in the military and homeland security, business ownership, and law enforcement taught him to be resilient and a leader. He encouraged the kids to be resilient and leaders in all aspects of their lives – a refreshing voice for our 7th grade students.

Matthew Jarema Health & Physical Education (7th & 8th Grades), Spring-Ford Area School District

We invited Matt to speak to our athletes on leadership.  Little did we realize that his message he delivered would be the kick starter of something bigger.  His message was the beginning of a leadership course for our athletes that will help to change the culture of not only our athletes but our surrounding community.  I know that he is the best person to put in front of any group of people on leadership and how to live life.

Frank Cremonese