Two Dates and a Dash

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  • Feb 5th 2020

3rd Shift Chronicles Episode 5: Project Use Your Brain; My Logical Way of Understanding Today

In this episode, I share how I come to rational and logical decisions when deciphering today's political landscape. In a world where news media outlets are so drastically in conflict on the same conversation, it is very difficult to know what is true and what is fiction. Who to believe and trust becomes a crap shoot when you are inundated with starkly one-sided information. Additionally, as a society, we have become reactionary and easily emotionally manipulated as a result of smart phones, cable TV and social media. My goal is to inspire people to use their critical thinking brains to make rational and logical decisions when choosing a political party or candidate. I have no desire to change people's political affiliation, rather I am simply asking them to be educated and come to their decisions from a place of logic vs. emotion. The same logic I use when I am hiring a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or, God forbid, ever a victim of a crime - a police officer. I want the best person for the job. I don't care if they love their mother, went to church, gave to charity, kicked a dog or banged a hooker - I want them to do their job exceptionally well and that is it. Perspective of what government is - they are OUR employee's in the business of running America. I don't need Jesus to be my elected official. Let's USE OUR BRAINS!!!!!